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A screen partition can damp 19 dB. How much is that?

S-Line - experts in noise control

Today's modern, flexible offices are open spaces with all kinds of different workstations. An environment that stimulates cooperation, where people can communicate easily.
 But where low-frequency noise can also be a major problem.
Many surveys on wellbeing in the office have shown clear results.
Low-frequency noise is by far the biggest working environment problem of our times. Fans, telephones and printers produce disturbing noise that makes us stressed, tired and irritable, which in the long term reduces our work effectiveness.
A healthy working environment is an essential prerequisite for working in a focused way. But creating it is a job that requires extensive knowledge of noise and offices. Which is exactly what we have here at S-Line.
We are experts - in noise and noise control
Careful planning is required to reconcile a good lighting and noise environment.
Noise reduction and absorption are two important ingredients.


Reduction means noise reduction. This can be achieved using noise-absorbing screen walls or by deflecting sound, for instance towards a noise-absorbing ceiling. Several independent studies carried out by WSP Environmental have shown that our noise-absorbing Strict Line screen walls have a unique noise-reducing capacity. Our 1.8 m high screen wall provided an overall reduction of 16 dB. Our 2.17 m screen wall reduced the noise level by no less than 19 dB. Remember that a noise reduction of 8-10 dB means a halving the noise level in our ears.


"The idea of open environments is for people to be able to communicate easily. But it is also important to create an environment free of disturbance. S-Line screen walls combine these two needs in the best possible way.
They reduce noise and also have an excellent capacity to absorb noise."

-Klas Hagberg, noise expert at WSP Environmental








Noise absorption, simply put, means converting sound energy into another form of energy. The better the absorbent material, the more sound energy is converted.
 The absorbent we use at S-Line is made in cooperation with Ecophon. This guarantees high quality.
Independent measurements made by Ingemansson Technology also show that our screen walls have the highest possible absorption capacity over the sound frequencies corresponding to the office environment.
 What distinguishes us from our competitors is our exposure of the absorption surface in our screen walls.
 Exposure is permitted by the apertures of the many holes in the walls. The level of perforation is 31 % - the highest possible before function is lost.

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