ljudabsorbenter - väggabsorbent Twiggy

Twiggy- a beauty for all budgets

Noise makes it difficult to concentrate and achieve good results. A good thing is to bring a lot of sound absorbing materials into your office space. One example is sound absorbers for walls.
Our 45 mm thick "Twiggy" sound absorber is quick and easy to install on walls. The screen is filled with a fiber glass wool absorber from Ecophon.

Following are standard measurements,

1000*1000 mm, 1200*1200 mm
650*1200 mm and 900*1800 mm.

Twiggy wall absorber can be combined with our Twiggy desk screen. They both share the same slim design and can also fit in a small budget.

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Väggabsorbent Twiggy
ljudabsorbent Väggabsorbent
Väggabsorbent i stilren design
absorberande tavla

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