Deflect the noise- keep the light

On the one hand, you want an open office and an efficient use of the office’s surface area, i.e. an office space where many people can work at once.
On the other hand, you know that the noise conditions in an open-plan office cause tiredness and concentration difficulties.
With walls from Strict Line, you can keep the benefits of the open-plan office environment while achieving good sound absorption and clear noise reduction – and great flexibility!

Strict Line glass walls are available in clear glass and with screen-printed patterns, and are often combined with our noise-absorbing screen walls in wood veneer, textile or lacquered MDF for an excellent sound environment.
The stylish glass walls create a feeling of space and light, and give you great scope to “redesign” as you need it. You can easily put together a glassed-in office or conference room in the middle of your open-plan office, then later move it to another part of the space as the conditions or needs in your workplace change.


Image bank 

glasvägg med absorbenter
glasrum bank
glasväggar med absorbent
glasvägg med absorbent
beslag skjutdörr
glasrum i rad
grön glasvägg
klarglas rum
rum med screenat glas
handtag till slagdörr
lila glasskärm
glasvägg orange
rum i rummet
glasvägg kontor
skjutdörr glas
vägg med glas och ljudabsorbent
skärmvägg och glasvägg

Technical Specifications 

Strict-Line glass wall

Straight sections
600, 900, 1 200 mm.
Other widths are available on request. 
Curved sections
650, 900, 1 500, 1 900, 2 500 mm.
Other radiuses are available on request. 
Heights 1 060, 1 430, 1 800, 2 170 mm.
Thickness 70 mm (glass 6 mm)
Frame Naturally anodizied aluminium.
Design 6 mm clear glass or with screen-printed pattern. Bars in Beech, birch, oak or lacquered MDF in any NCS S color.
Door Sliding or closing door in 10 mm saftey glass.

Strict-Line glass walls